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This video will show you how to add Kindle Fire apps to your new Kindle Fire HD 7″ and this also works for the 8″ model as well. At the bottom of this page, tell other Kindle users of some of your favorite apps for Kindle.

So, you just got a new Kindle but you don’t know where to start when it comes to downloading new apps. Well, let me help you get started.

Here are eight apps that I feel will be good for a newbie or someone looking to download some real cool Kindle Fire Apps. I have some of these on my Kindle!

IMDB & Netflix, this is a free app.

If you enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies wherever you go and you have Netflix, this is a must-have app for you. The cool thing about this app is that if you have a Netflix account, you can get all of the shows you enjoy on your Kindle.

If you have to pause your show for whatever reason, you can pick up where you left off on your Kindle even though you were watching it on your PC or TV! The IMDB app or Internet Movie Database is a great complement to the Netflix app. This too is a movie-viewing app. This app allows you to evaluate movies before you actually watch them.

The Pageonce Money & Bills app is an app to help you manage your money in one stop. This app is also free. Just to name a few things this app can do; it can let you see how much money you have in your bank account; you can view you credit card debt; you can view your bill payment schedule, and see how much money you have in investments.

You can even see how much money goes to different bills you pay each month such as utilities and bills from credit cards. This app has the best mobile security standards available. Companies such as, TRUSTe, VeriSign and McAfee, have certified this app. So, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive information being stolen or misused.

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The Mighty Grocery Shopping List app is not free it cost $2.99.

This app helps you to remember what you need to pick up at the market hopefully without going over your budget. But this is more than an app for a grocery list. This app reminds you to use your coupons. It has voice recognition; and you also have a recipe ingredient list that you can backup your prize winning recipes along with their ingredients in the Cloud. This app will help you stay on track while shopping at the store.

There is an app for Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals. The cost of this one is $7.99.

Here you can get some great ideas for recipes from this app and add these to your grocery app. Oliver’s 20 minute meals have 60 recipes that you can choose from. These include risottos, stir fries, and a variety of soups. Jamie will also give you a pop up and offer valuable tips on how to prepare meals that are healthier. This app is more for the person who wants to expand their variety of preparing meals but doesn’t have time to take a class on cooking.

SketchBook Mobile is a $1.99 app that allows you to use your Kindle as an etch-a-sketch.

As you can see, there is an app for virtually everything, even for an eighties classic children’s drawing toy.  This app has taken the Etch-a-sketch to a whole new level. You have layering capabilities with this app. You have more colors to work with than Crayola crayons. You have different sizes of brushes and you can import photos you have to draw over. With this nice little drawing application, the world can be your canvas.

The Cozi Family Organizer app is free. As the name suggest, it helps you to keep track of your family.

With this app, dad will never forget to pick up little Johnny from school again.  This app creates a virtual calendar for all of your families activates such as practice schedules, grocery shopping, M.D. visits, and a “honey do” list. You can e-mail this list to your husband or other members of your family. This app prevents excuses such as “I forgot to let the dog in” or “I forgot little Johnny had band practice today.”

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Converter Pro is an app that costs just $0.99. This is a handy dandy application for those who travel abroad frequently. You can do mathematical conversions with densities, temperatures, fuel, currencies, distances, and more. There are 400 units in 25 categories that you can convert with this app.

Wee! This app is FREE! We have saved the best for last; the Angry Birds app. This is a popular game among Kindle users. If you don’t already know, this game involves high-flying birds killing green pigs who steal their eggs. Owning a Kindle without having the Angry Birds app is like owning a fast motorcycle without the leather chaps. Well, there you have it. These are the best apps for the Kindle Fire.

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