Kindle DX Graphite Is A Boon For Avid Readers

dxg41WtSRWclnL. AA160  Kindle DX Graphite Is A Boon For Avid ReadersThis article will review the PROS and CONS of the Kindle DX Graphite 9.7” display. I really enjoy reading with the Kindle series. It is a fantastic innovative tool for avid readers like me. I commute regularly on the train and the Kindle makes my commute much more enjoyable.

I have both the Kindle 2 and the Kindle 1 and I am committed to e-Ink reading. The fact that it is slim and it easily connects to a large selection of subscriptions and e-books works really well for me. The Kindle DX has rekindled my love for reading and enhanced my reading experience. The reason I invested in the Kindle DX was the native PDF reader and the larger screen.

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The Pros of the Kindle DX Graphite:

A big plus for me was the larger screen display. I wanted to see more text on a page. The larger screen display gives it a more book-like reading experience. If you are a person who buys books in large print, this model might be a good fit for you. The display screen is also crisper and sharper than the Kindle 2. The contrast is greatly improved and the text is darker. These three factors make the visibility a whole lot better.

The large screen is also an added plus because I enjoy reading poetry. The larger type sizes make it possible for me to read it better. What I mean is that the earlier model Kindles have smaller screens that would cut off the lines and the sense of the poem would be lost when the line ended. With the DX, you can read the entire line in its integrity and you get the gist of what the poet meant, with the line cutting off where its suppose to cut off.

The PDF reader is really convenient and it works as advertised. When you view PDF documents on the DX, they appear as they would if you were viewing them on a computer screen. Dragging and dropping your documents right onto your Kindle using a USB cable can be done in a snap. I don’t know about anyone else but the documents that I have downloaded, I am unable to adjust the type size on them like I can with the documents on the native Kindle.

You have plenty of storage space with the DX. It has 4GB of internal memory and your library can hold up to 3500 periodicals and books. It has a long battery life, holding a single charge for one week if you leave the wireless on and the charge lasts for 2-3 weeks if the wireless is turned off. It weighs 18.9oz, so it is extremely light weight and portable.

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The Cons of the Kindle DX Graphite:

For some people the price tag of $200 may turn some people off but I really wanted a larger size screen and the native PDF reader. These features alone justified the cost for me. If you are a left-handed person, the navigation buttons are all on the right side of the device.

I am right handed, so it doesn’t bother me. I use the Kindle with both hands anyway but if you are left-handed, this could be a bit uncomfortable for you. I find the one-sided button layout a little difficult at times because I read and walk at the same time while carrying my briefcase in my other hand.

The DX has a metal-backing instead of a rubber-backing like the Kindle 1 and 2. When I place my DX on an uneven surface, it doesn’t stay in place; it slides. The DX is also a bit heavier than previous models. It is noticeable when you read for long periods of time with one hand. Although the keys on the keyboard are easier to press, vertically thinner, and they protrude out more, they are a little harder to use, maybe because I have big fingers.

The entire keyboard is an inch tall but the keyboard on the Kindle 2 is 1.5″ tall. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. I am satisfied with my investment. The PDF reader and the larger screen size really enhance my reading experience and make it more enjoyable.

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